AMCPI is a consulting firm founded in 2019 by officers of various branches of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) led by Dennis Cunanan (former JCI World Secretary General, JCI Philippines National President, former Adviser to the President of the Philippines, former Director General of a Government Corporation) as its CEO/President, Alfred Vargas (former JCI National President and current Philippines Congressman) as Chairman of the Board, Fulbert Woo (former JCI National President), Randolf Ivan (JCI Senator), and Scott Greenlee (former JCI USA, CEO of Greenlee Consulting of Michigan, USA).

AMCPI boasts of more than 130 professional consultants and partners providing a suite of services all aimed at improving business performance, government efficiency, economic growth of individuals, organizations and communities. Its clientele and partners span both local and international organizations, private companies and government offices and executives.

The Board